Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Teacher's Day !

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Dear Principal
Greetings from Pauline Publications!
Here we are again with some titles for Teachers’ Day celebration. Each book has something valuable which your teachers will treasure for life.

By Dr.Elaine Anne Charles
The author offers a wide range of inspirational and enlightening articles. The articles present essential interpretation of the vocation of a Teacher in the field of education. A useful companion for every teacher! Price:Rs. 65.00

In it you will find a treasure trove of tips, secrets and strategies to help you become the creative teacher you always desired to be. The contents are well covered to include a wide gamut of teaching skills. Price: Rs. 60.00

TEACHER YOU’RE A GIFT Compiled by Jenny Cyriac
Inspiring thoughts and quotations are woven together to form this book specially for teachers. Good teachers, we hail you as reformers of our day, builders of a better society in this difficult day and age! Price: Rs. 25.00

Gift your Teacher with any or all !!!

Creative Teacher’s Handbook 60.00
Teachers’ Inspirational Handbook 65.00
Teacher You’re a Gift 20.00
Treasures For Teachers 25.00
10 Things Your Teen will Thank You For 65.00
10 Best Gifts for Your Teen 70.00
365 Inspiring Thoughts For the Year 90.00
Attitudes of Gratitude 65.00
Parenting Teenagers 60.00
Six Things Children Need 38.00
Every Child Can Succeed 65.00
The Impossible is Possible 75.00
Raising a Good Kid 65.00
Winning Attitude 65.00

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